Sterilization Range


We are involved in all types of sterilization, such as

-steam sterilization
-dry heat sterilization
-ethylene oxide sterilization
-plasma sterilization
-gamma sterilization


By applying correct sterilization technics AND correct reusable clothing we manage to reduce infection rate.

We check sterilizers performance by monitoring all neccessary parameters and improve efficiency and productivity.

Steriliszation reels and pouches self adhesive as well as non adhesive, are one main line of products in sterilization packaging.

We also stock a wide range of sterilization papers and sheets and drapings to fullfil all our customer sterilization needs.

Sterilization products and methods which are in our line of business:

steam sterilization
dry heat sterilization
ethylene oxide sterilization
plasma sterilization
gamma sterilization


Dust control, use of HEPA filters and proper clothing are essential to obtain the right environment.

By introducing correct principles and methods of steam sterilization we avoid wet od super heated steam.