About Us

Stericor LTD is based on thirty years of experience in handling medical products.

Our aim is to develop and promote products that make life easier for people with certain medical conditions.

Our business includes - sterilisation, disinfection and protection against viruses; including indicators, pouches, clothing ang gloves -modern wound managment, wound care and skin care, -continence care.

Our company is located in Agios Athanasios Industrial Zone, right outside Limassol center. The location is ideal as it is connected to all major transport arteries and highways and it is also very close to Limassol port, which is the main port of Cyprus.



In our facilities we produce and stock a variety of medical goods such as sterilisation indicators, steriiliser performance charts, sterilisation paper and reels , gloves , protective clothing as well as home health care goods including stoma, modern wound managment and continence products.

We have also recently entered into the state-of-the-art wound care segment of NPWT (negative pressure wound therapy) with impressive results.

Our mission is to be able to develop and offer products and services that add value and simplify the life of patients and medical professionals. Closeness to our customers makes this possible.



June 2017  - Our company has exhibited in a number of events throughout the year in order to increase awareness in wound healing and wound management products


September 2016 - We continue to support and contribute to community nursing programs across Cyprus

June 2014 - Stericor LTD wins Ministry of Health national suction bag tender for second year running!


March 2014 - Protecting the environment is our number #1 priority. We have pledged to invest in renewable sources as well as environmental NGOs.